MultCloud Review – Everything You Need to Know About

As we all know, in today’s information age, cloud drive is very convenient, and our life has been closely related to various cloud services. Our data is spread across multiple online cloud drives, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Amazon Drive. We also know that it’s hard to manage and transfer all of these files, let alone keep them in sync! But we still can’t avoid managing and transferring important data between multiple clouds. Fortunately, this problem that has stumped us for a long time has finally been solved. This tool is called MultCloud.

Quick Summary of MultCloud

MultCloud is a powerful multi-cloud manager that lets you consolidate all of our clouds into one place and transfer and synchronize files between different cloud drives. It not only provides an easy way to access and manage files through this web-based application but also offers a smooth user experience and an intuitive user interface. Take a look at some of its features.

Organize All Cloud Drives in One Place

Create an account from the MultCloud website and access multiple cloud services in the same location. With it, we no longer need to visit many websites or install multiple cloud applications to access all stored files. As shown in the screenshot below, it supports a variety of popular cloud drives that supports up to 33 cloud drives we usually use.

MultCloud helps users organize and manage images, videos, documents and many other types of files from different cloud services in one place. You can perform some operations such as uploading, downloading, renaming, deleting, copying, reviewing, sharing, and more. With the help of MultCloud, we can even use drag and drop to manage files of different cloud drives.

Effortless Multiple Cloud Drives Files Transfer

MultCloud connects to all of your cloud services, enabling you to securely access all online files from multiple cloud services. Because it is a web-based application that allows users to set up transfer tasks to automatically move cloud files from one cloud to another. The direct and seamless synchronization between clouds eliminates the need to always keep devices downloading and uploading files from one cloud to another. MultCloud will help us migrate files even if the device is powered off. In addition, all the process runs on MultCloud’s server, automatic syncs between clouds or transfer from one cloud to another is very safe, it does not store your files. After the data transfer is complete, the data will be deleted from the MultCloud database.

Even more cool, it also has a transfer filter that allows users to move cloud files with specific extensions. When you select a specific extension, the system automatically recognizes the file and transfers the file from one cloud to another.

FlexiblelySync files between Multiple Clouds

With MultCloud, we can use 8 different customization options to sync data between clouds instead of the troublesome operations of downloading files from one cloud and re-uploading them to another.

In addition, we can set up automatic cloud synchronization at specific times or at fixed times, which is very useful when we need to synchronize data between cloud drives frequently. In addition, MultCloud users can receive email notifications as long as the cloud file transfer between the clouds is completed.

The Conclusion

With all of the above highlights, MultCloud is one of the must-have products for all users who need to manage sync and move files between cloud storage. Even better, it offers up to 30GB of data per month for free. This is sufficient for the average user. We recommend that everyone download MultCloud and try it out.

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