Dress For Success: This Will Make You Confident And Productive

 Dress For Success: This Will Make You Confident And Productive

How old are you? What do you do? No matter what it is, all of us share a universal thing, the vision of being successful. You think big and find to love what you do. However, in the secular reality of human being, equal or not, people under the influence of prejudice judge you by your fashion statement.

Darlene Price, President of Well Said, Inc., stated that people judge you, “Especially in the workplace, clothing significantly influences how others perceive you and how they respond toward you.”

Your clothing affects your success as it affects your confidence, productivity, and strengths. It redefines your nature as a person. A psychological study from Ohio State University proved that self-confidence and self-validation influence an individual’s career path.

Your fashion presence gives leverage to influence other’s perception of your intelligence, sustainability, economic dominion, and credibility. You wear clothes not only to establish your self-image but to create the breakthrough in your career advancement.

Now, ask yourself about what you feel when wearing clothing items. How can you express yourself through the unwavering resolution to succeed?

Embody Your Career Role:

Imagine that you are in the movie portraying the role of a marketing executive. What should you wear so that people will not misjudge you? As what common sense always tells you, a shabby dress up is not your option.

Colloquial dress ups could disturb business diplomacies. In the study recorded in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, male respondents divided into two wore different wardrobes. One group wore casual clothing while others wore a suit as they engaged in business negotiation. At the end of the study, researchers concluded that those who dressed up reaped more successful transactions than those who didn’t.

Therefore, embodying your career role will create a long lasting impression which certainly helps in your productivity. How you dress, vouchsafe a positive impact on your confidence levels and capability.

Observe And Conform to Stereotypes:

Aside from venturing yourself with personal style and dressing for self-empowerment, keeping and integrating to fashion norms help. The key to success also lies in observation to others, if not worse, conform to the positive stereotype as it serves a function in building impressions. Take a closer look at successful people around and venture yourself with so many possibilities.

Note of The Uniform Essentials:

Dress codes and uniforms are trivial in the realm of career. The company implements rules to establish identity and uniformity. Always remember that uniforms are the trademark of a company and organization so you must wear it neatly and confidently. How you wear a trademark piece affects your workplace’s image.

A phenomenon called “enclothed cognition” states that a clothing piece has a systematic influence on your the psychological mechanism as you wear it. According to Adam Hajo and Adam Galinsky, it “involves the co-occurrence of two independent factors the symbolic meaning of the clothes and the physical experience of wearing them.”

For example, you are a doctor and wearing a lab gown makes you feel attentive and careful. You act that way because what you wear is a naked label of what you are.

Assess the Background of New Environment:

When working in the new environment, keep in mind to evaluate the nature of your workplace. Doing this beforehand will help you conquer your fears in the new environment. It is exceptional to understand if the place is traditional, conservative or contemporary.

Starting your day with confidence as you enter the room because of the clothes you wear is a great feeling. You feel assured because what you are wearing is right for the context.

Dress Like a Boss But Not Like Your Boss:

It might sound confusing, but aside from conforming to fashion norms, you can always go the limelight of “styling level up.” In the world of mere human beings, competition becomes tenacious more than ever.

Dress up like a boss without overwhelming your boss’s presence to make yourself stand out. If looks concern your work productivity, time to get out of the shell and be a “changed person.” Career consultants stated that dressing up ahead of what is usual shows that you care about work and the work community itself.

Enough of Too Much:

Dressing up when it is too much becomes a nuisance not only to you but others as well. As much as possible, avoid too much: blush and lipstick, pieces of jewelry, perfumes, and high heels. Clothing that reveals too much skin is not suitable for work. Fancy yourself with what applies to the context.

Aside from that, “too much” amplifies health danger which directly affects your career success. How can you continue your visions and endeavors if you are sick? According to Dr. Dominic Catanese of Montefiore Medical Center in New York, “Crowded toes can lead to the formation of corns and hammertoes. They can also shorten the calf muscle, and the Achilles tendon begins to tighten and adapt to that position.”

For men, a daily wearing of the necktie is too much for a neck to handle. Research proves that wearing tie can cause intracranial pressure and glaucoma. If you wear it too tight, blood pressure may increase in the eyes leading to blindness.

See? Risks are hiding in every piece you are wearing. Time to take consideration and be responsible for your health while chasing success.

Free Yourself From Being Body Conscious:

We can’t deny the fact that fashion dominates the people’s mindset sometimes. It makes people feel inferior which is a loophole of fashion statements. When you look at the magazines, you start to compare your body with models and try to wear the printed images on the page. But you feel pressured. If you want to dress up but cannot do it because of body issues, don’t stress out.

Body issues become critical for women nowadays. In fact, a global study conducted by Dove reveals that 89 percent of women are canceling their business appointments and job interviews due to self-consciousness. Women are having a hard time because of their looks and probably men too.

Get Casual When the Time is Appropriate:

Company’s one way of motivating employees is through get together or annual meetings. It can also be by way of trips. It is time to get casual and reach out to your fellow workers. No need to dress formally. People might think you are not communicative. It creates a barrier to better relationships.

Lose yourself from suits or dresses. You can wear jeans and T-shirt and proactively participate in activities if your company allows so.

Dress to Impress During Conferences And Meetings:

Impressing people during the job interview doesn’t stop there. Career growth is at stake, so adhere to dress codes to look impressive. Participation in workshops, project presentations, and conferences in your field of work is a great avenue for you to represent your company with grace and prudence.

When you want to stand out, remember to keep a pleasing personality so that the clothing won’t lose its purpose. Wear clothes that are lively-looking but not too bright. You can follow duo tone schemes without looking flashy. Impress clients with the right mix of your fashion statement.

Know What’s Beyond The Clothing:

Attitude: When everything goes perfectly in the physical sense, don’t forget to wear a favorable stance. Yes, an outfit is your amicable armor, but attitude primarily matters.

Grooming: Hairstyles, accessories, and makeup come handy in expressing your personality beyond the chosen fashion statement. A simple haircut, clean fingernails, and a touch of lip color will give a big difference.

Hygiene: Dressing for success doesn’t stop in wearing clothes that are right for you. It defeats the purpose of impressing other when you ignore personal hygiene. For example, when you look in the mirror, everything is perfect except for one thing. You are wearing a vicious smelling pair of socks. Disgusting isn’t? You might get ridiculed because of that.


Fair or not, a well-dressed individual has the edge despite the level of their capability. Sad but true, people underestimate others’ skill because of their looks. Sometimes, they tend to overlook the skills and go for the looks.

If you are skilled, competent, and smart enough to perform the function of the chosen career, it’s time to step-up your fashion statement. “Understanding the psychological dynamics of why the right-for-us clothing can contribute to our confidence, raise our self-esteem, and help propel us in the workplace has become big business.”

Nothing beats a healthy attitude, exceptional skills, and congenial fashion statement which you can find on different online fashion destinations like Seed Heritage. If you hit the three aspects, you will surely continue to earn a successful and dynamic career ahead of you.

Allice Jacqueline

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