How to Get Noticed on Instagram in 2021? Why Is It Important?

Over the last few years, Instagram has reached a different level in terms of quality and growth, billions of active users are using it and many new users are also joining every day. Initially, Instagram was a photo-sharing app where people just shared photos but now, it also allows its users to share content in the form of videos or micro-videos. Recently, one of Instagram’s founding members clearly mentioned that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app, we are expanding the app into more areas, such as video and shopping. People who have any talent and the ability to entertain, educate others are tasting success on this platform.

In today’s era, there are so many talented artists showing their work on Instagram and the competition is immense. Getting easily noticed on Instagram is not going to be a walk in the garden unless you stand out in comparison to others. Let’s discuss in detail how we can get noticed on Instagram.

How to Get Noticed on Instagram?

  1. Post regularly: Consistency is the key on Instagram, brands or personal brands get noticed owing to their frequent posts on Instagram. Nobody is going to search your username organically until you put some content. It is recommended that you post at least one image or video per day so that you also have something to show whenever any random person lands on your profile.
  2. Avoid paying for engagement: In order to get instant, many people pay for engagement on their posts thinking that this will increase the reach. But, Instagram’s algorithm is smart enough to identify the difference between an authentic user and bots. Many businesses and individuals also join engagement groups to get likes, comments which make them happy for a while, but later this practice results in shadow ban or permanent ban. Because in that scenario, IG’s algorithm also notices that I have shown these posts to only a certain number of people, from where this external engagement is coming. So, one should avoid any illegitimate practice and try to reach people organically.
  3. Use the right set of hashtags: Hashtags play a massive role on Instagram, every hashtag represents its industry or niche, for instance, #cooking #food #fashion. Hashtags help your post to reach more people related to your niche, and when you use a relevant set of hashtags your post rank for that hashtag on the page. Timing of the post to get noticed on IG it is very important to know when you should post your content. Posting daily will not be enough to get noticed on IG. To get the initial engagement you should post when your audience is active, posting at random timing doesn’t gain much interaction. How can you know that?
    Instagram’s insights provide you every detail related to your profile like engagement rate, audience type, post reach, and timing. However, there are many analytic tools that help you to check at what time of the day your audience is most active.
  4. Go live: Instagram’s algorithm keeps changing and evolving almost every day which sometimes results in a sudden drop in your reach. In such a situation, having live sessions with other brands or creators is a very good option. By doing this, followers of the account you are having a live session with may follow your account and may reach you too.
  5. Build a strong community: Build a strong relationship with other creators, send them DMs, and appreciate how well they are doing. Engage with their content by dropping a logical and valuable comment. This practice makes your name visible to so many other people. But, do not comment on so many posts simultaneously, as it will send bad signals to IG.
  6. Use stories effectively: Try to post 2 to 3 IG stories every day and use relevant hashtags in your story to reach more people.

Why is it so Important for your Brand/Business?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with more than 112.5 users. It is still not too late to join Instagram, whether you own a big business or a small one. By following correct business branding ideas and strategies, brands/businesses can promote products, services, and boost sales on IG. Brands get a higher engagement rate on Instagram than Facebook and Twitter, which indicates that Instagram’s audience is more open to brands and their products. Brands can partner with IG influencers. When it comes to social media, it is being dominated by celebrities and influencers. A responsible influencer can show and recommend your product to millions of people with just a few posts.

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