How to Overcome the Deadly Website Design Mistakes

Web designing is an art and where everybody has their vibes and aesthetics about it, your art should reflect the approval of your audience, not your inner sense.

Beginners and experts both are guilty of making mistakes under client pressure which influence the functionality and the audience traffic to the websites and eventually also affects the sales or the core purpose of the business.

The time visitors spend on your website determines your business website rank on Google and influences the sales. As a web designer, it is your responsibility to align your client’s vision with the website functionality for the users. Below we have compiled a list of cheap website design mistakes and how you can fix it.

Navigation Bar:

Easy navigation is one of the most important aspects of designing a website for the audience to stay and explore your products as an e-commerce business. You can lose your audience in the blink of an eye if your complex navigation includes having the menu at an odd place, non-standard style, generic labels without proper description and a thousand submenus because the navigation bar is about functionality and not looks.

If you want to avoid complex navigation, you can:
  • Use the standard icon of the navigation bar and place it at top of the page with easy revert back to it.
  • Design a horizontal menu with short description tags.
  • limit labels on the top of the page to less than 7.
  • Include a visible and accessible search box, wide enough to prevent eye strain while typing.

Typography Structure and Size:

Good typographic content means a word crafted with a combination of clarity, charm and comfort for the readers. Bad typography will make your readers confused and frustrated from the eyes strains and no information and there won’t be a second visit either. The second bad mistake you can make is font. If the font is too small to read and blurs the text when zoomed in.

The best way to avoid typography blunders is to use distinguishable fonts and use the standard size of the font for multiple devices and avoid unnecessary caps. Limit the content lines and use highlights and make sure the font is easily readable with the base of the website theme.


Almost 60% of the website audience comes from the mobile web browser and also where most of the blunders web designers make. The responsive interface of a website is the most important thing for a website and yet it is one of the common mistakes made by the designers. Several designs work on one design or another but not on different devices simultaneously. Disabling zoom for phone interface is another common mistake.

Even after a responsive surface, you should not disable the zoom feature. The zoom feature allows people with eyesight retrains to comfortably explore the website. Your website responsive interface and layout should be standard and adjustable for at least three types of devices including desktop, smartphones and tablets. Good website design always includes Portrait (vertical) and Landscape (horizontal) mode for several standard models of electronics.

Free Software:

Fancy software has created an image that web designing is all about drag and drop of layouts. Truthfully, these fancy websites are meant for personal websites and portfolios and not official business sites. As a beginner designer, you may opt for one of this paid software for a unique layout but it will crash when it comes to back end coding and store listing.

Web-designing from a professional is a one-time cost but it brings business and effective results. If you have a tight budget you can also find professional designers for effective yet cheap web designs.

Cluttered and Orphan Pages:

Cluttered and orphan pages are among the worst things that can happen to your website. Cluttered pages mean that you have too much content overwhelming the space. This mistake is often done by designers to save the layout pages work. Whereas, orphan pages refer to the pages that eliminate the possibility of the user reverting to the main page. Both of these pages are harmful and decrease your website Google ranking.

While designing a website make sure to use white space between the content and the banners, along with using CMS to prevent the orphan pages. Evaluate your website to find orphan and non-orphan pages and connect these pages to the right buttons. The above mentioned are just a few common mistakes that influence your business. The best way to evaluate your website is to use it from a targeted audience perspective.

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