What Skills Should You Look for in a Web Developer?

 What Skills Should You Look for in a Web Developer?

Web development is the key to success in a world that has gone online. If your business is still not on the web, it means you’re not aware of the opportunities that a vast marketplace offers for growth and expansion. Having powerful websites, applications and custom solutions can power your presence online and open up the window of prospects.

To achieve all this, you will a skilled and experienced web developer capable of shaping your business ideas into a tech reality. The developer will help create web and tech-powered products that your business can leverage to realize its true potential. But yes, not all web developers are alike and it’s always better to hire a knowledgeable one to meet your project goals easily.

Here are some of the skills you need to look for in a web developer:

  1. Familiarity With Web Development Technologies

A good web developer is one with the right skills and tech knowledge in web development. He/she should be aware of the basic concepts, technologies, programming languages, frameworks, coding, etc. to help build apps, sites and customized solutions for your business.

  • A web developer must be aware of HTML/CSS or the basics of coding and mark-up language
  • The developer also needs to know JavaScript programming language to create functional, dynamic and interactive websites
  • A good developer knows how to use Photoshop to create sites that only perform optimally but also look visually appealing
  • And yes, having the knowledge of one of popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. means the developer can add value to your web project easily

  1. Knowledge Of Responsive Design

Mobile and smartphones have long replaced desktops as the preferred device by customers to reach businesses. That’s why more companies now look to build apps, websites, and solutions that are compatible across devices and platforms. So, you need to hire a web developer capable of building solutions for any platform.

  • A skilled web developer understands the concept of responsive designs
  • He/she can build mobile-friendly solutions easily so that your business always has great coverage in the market
  • A top developer has the knowledge of technologies that will help sites and apps deliver a seamless experience across devices and platforms

  1. SEO Skills For Improved Online Performance Of Your business

If your web developer does not have SEO skills, it will definitely have a huge negative impact on your business’ online performance. Not using optimization technologies can prevent your website or app from gaining visibility in search engines.

  • A web developer with SEO skills can ensure amazing results through online marketing
  • By optimizing your website or app, the developer will help it perform exceptionally well in search engines
  • The developer will look into different SEO elements like keywords, links, images, domain authority, etc. for superior online visibility of the business

  1. A Complete Understanding Of Analytics

It’s true that a skilled developer can ensure a highly functional website but there is more to online success. If the developer does not have knowledge or analytics, it means your website or business will fail to achieve the level or kind of profits it intends to.

  • A top web developer can use analytics to analyze target audience data and then use it into developer to help increase conversions and leads of the site
  • By leveraging analytics, the developer can create a website or app that will attract more visitors and convert them into prospects
  • The use of analytics means you are always sure of a better ROI with web development

  1. Updated With The Latest Web Trends And Technologies

Web development is a dynamic industry where change is the only constant. Technologies will always keep improving and there may be alterations to the existing trends, a great web developer is one updated with everything going around in the market. So, if a web designing company is not ready to adapt to the changes in the technology front, it will definitely find the going tough.

Clearly, businesses need to be cautious while hiring web developers with a focus on choosing professionals always ready to learn, improve and add on their skills. This will help them achieve their goals on the back of expertise shown and used by talented and capable web developers.

Allice Jacqueline

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