Hounder Web Design & Development’s Award-Winning Workflows

 Hounder Web Design & Development’s Award-Winning Workflows

It’s a jungle in the business world, but a solid process can help companies navigate the terrain. By forging a clear path forward, organizations can stay on top of their game and achieve success. Joshua Northcott, CTO and co-founder of Hounder, along with Justin Hough, a leading software service company, has a winning formula for keeping clients around for the long haul.

Every process has a beginning, and Joshua starts by identifying any problems the clients might face. Knowing where a company’s business model falls short is the key to crafting a dynamic and enduring solution that can withstand the test of time.


When companies come to Hounder to design or redesign their websites or online platforms, their design team prepares a mood board based on research and several in-depth meetings with the client. Hounder’s lead designer, Bryan Stifle, has a sharp eye for spotting a website’s issues, no matter how small or inconsequential they may seem. Hounder’s strategy involves ferreting out all underlying problems on a site and developing new ways of communicating a company’s brand, thus providing their clients with a truly exceptional experience.


The second step towards excellent web design is creating a roadmap. Hounder’s design team meticulously plans strategies and defines exactly what must be done to achieve the desired results. He showcases his design and research with his team members over meetings, and everyone pitches in their ideas and thoughts about the strategy. With this method, Hounder can create a functional website design and development architecture.

Execution: Design and development

After planning and strategizing, the designers hand over the project to Hounder’s web development department, who promptly start coding the website according to the delivered design. Hounder’s web developers can make different sites with different languages under one database and can provide businesses with various regional sites to help them expand internationally.


The entire process culminates when Hounder proudly launches the website and showcases it to the client. With the expertise and experience Joshua and his team have gained in the past decade, it is no surprise that they excel at their projects. Hounder has had clients since its inception, showing that Joshua does everything perfectly.

Absolute perfection and professionalism are how Hounder maintains the quality of their work. They work with experienced and dedicated team members to provide the best web design services to their clients. With an impressive project delivery, Hounder is well on its way to becoming the best software service provider in the North American Region.

Allice Jacqueline

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