This Is The Time of Day When You Will Lose More Weight If You Exercise

This Is The Time of Day When You Will Lose More Weight If You Exercise

Who gets up early, sports help. The theory supports a research group led by Erik Willis, a professor at the University of Kansas (United States). In a study published in ‘The International Journal of Obesity’, last July.

For more than a decade, Willis, his Department colleagues, and other experts from the University of Colorado (Denver) as well as from different American institutions related to the promotion of healthy habits analyzed how physical exercise influences weight in a way regulated and supervised by professionals in the field.

What did your study consist of? They chose about 100 individuals men and women who were overweight who did not practice any type of physical activity and put them to train five days a week until they reached the goal of burning 600 calories per session.

In the first 10 months, all the research participants had managed to lose weight but the weight loss varied between them despite the fact that they had all performed the same routines. All of them trained in a time slot between 7 in the morning and in the afternoon and had been monitored to monitor their calorie intake and daily physical activity.

Less Appetite

After crossing the data of weight loss with those of the schedules of the routines of exercise, Willis and his colleagues observed that those subjects who trained before 15 hours had lost more weight than those who did it from that hour. Moreover, the former also had less appetite: they consumed an average of 100 calories less than the latter.

With that information, Dr. Willis argues that, in effect, “the time of day when you exercise can play a crucial role in weight loss.” For those who think of using their conclusions as an argument for not taking off the back of the chair, he clarifies that this research “does not hold that he does not deserve to play sports if it cannot be done early in the day because any exercise, at any time, will always be beneficial to health.


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